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Card Services, one of the nation’s largest credit card issuers, offers a variety of general-purpose and partner-based credit card products. In this highly competitive industry, innovation is key to our business strategy; and we take a multi-faceted approach.


Our business approach has resulted in consistent growth in earnings, addition of new partners to our portfolio and providing nearly a quarter of the total income for JPMorgan Chase. Our partners – more than 850 in all – are some of the most recognizable merchants and organizations.

We partner with America's top brands. Here are just a few:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon.com
  • Sony
  • British Airways
  • Marriott
  • More than 150 million cards in circulation
  • $81 billion in charge volume
  • More than $140 billion in outstanding loans
  • #1 Global Merchant Acquirer #1 global co-brand rewards issuer
  • #2 U.S. General Purpose Credit Card Issuer
  • #2 Global Visa Issuer
  • #2 MasterCard Issuer
  • #4 private-label issuer
Brigit L-G
Marketing Associate, Card Services
Bachelor of Science in Economics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2006. My Relationship Manager counterparts have been extremely helpful mentors...
...as I get my bearings and learn the business. Each of our customers has their own way of conducting business, and it has been invaluable to learn how the other RMs have tackled the challenges...
...that I face every day. The RMs that I have been working with all have different professional backgrounds, from marketing to finance to operations, and working with them has definitely increased the breadth of my knowledge at JPMorgan Chase.
Vicky G.
Staffing, HR, Card Services
Pennsylvania State University, Labor and Industrial Relations. Campus hires at Card Services...
...begin work in one of 4 areas. Marketing, Analytics, Finance or Technology. We offer a variety of training workshops and social events designed to introduce you to the firm, the card industry and our leaders.
We invite subject matter experts to speak with you on relevant topics and we create opportunities to network as you build your career with us.
We have a firm commitment to internal mobility and place emphasis on giving our campus new hires the tools to be successful.
Card Services
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